Bridge managers

Bridge managers 2017-04-29T15:23:13+02:00

Svenska Bridge managers

Bridge Managers (BM) are responsible for supporting Swedish customers onsite both in Sweden and in the Baltics, securing the quality and the time planning as well as taking responsibility for the continuance and the efficiency over rime. This include areas like marketing packaging, service development, knowledge transfer, ”on-boarding”, documenting, follow up and identifying and qualifying of the right competence. BM is a very operational position which includes participating in weekly/status meetings in on going Projects.

Bridge managers work with:

  • Legal administration & contracts etc
  • Identifying and qualifying the right resources
  • Securing knowledge transfers and on-boarding
  • Business support and Business development
  • QA and documentation
  • Proactive service packaging
  • Admin, housing and travel management for our consultants
  • Securing time reporting and invoicing