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Invoice Portal Design and Implementation


This cooperation started in 2011, with the company Expert Systems (ES), which provided electronic invoice processing services to mainly the Swedish market. The company had a vision to grow its product – invoice portal – to wider markets. In order to have personalized invoice portals for different clients, it needed a totally reworked, new product, built from the ground up with the vision of being universal, extensible and global. Baltic Quality´s (BQ) consultants helped in establishing a stable and extensible platform for such product, basing the decisions on extensive experiences in building similar applications. The consultants continued working together with the ES team, and successfully built a product, which was fully customized for all needs of Swedish clients. Later, in 2013, ES were acquired by ReadSoft, one of the worlds leading electronic invoice service providers, partly thanks to the new level they had achieved with the new product. Now the Invoice Portal has been rolled out for the Norwegian market, and soon is going to be introduced in Denmark and Finland. But that is just the beginning, since the aim now is to also cover the rest of the world, including USA, South America, South Africa, Australia, all of Europe & China.

Business Challenge

A deep technical experience is required for building a product capable of becoming truly global, fully customizable and with a great performance. The quality of the product has to be outstanding, since it will be enhanced extensively over the coming years. Due to fluctuations in the necessary work power while rolling out the product in different markets, the team has to be adjustable to the project needs, and new people have to get on-boarded quickly. At the same time, a deep expertise in the invoice processing has to be maintained throughout the whole team, in order to be able to efficiently adjust the product for the needs of each new market.

Baltic Quality Solution

Baltic Quality´s experts provided the necessary knowledge and helped in building a stable platform for the application. Working tightly integrated with the client team, BQ´s consultants provided the power needed to efficiently implement the product. While situated remotely, BQ´s part of the team communicates with the client team members on a daily basis, and all information is efficiently exchanged between the team members. All new features, as well as the product maintenance, lie on the shoulders of the mixed client-BQ team. The staffing for the project was made easy by senior consultants working together with new people coming in the project, and efficiently transferring the knowledge. BQ´s resource pool allows for adjusting the team size to the project needs.

Achieved benefits

Through the experience of BQ´s consultants, Expert Systems were able to build a successful global product, which also helped them to get acquired by ReadSoft, one of the biggest electronic invoice service providers in the world. BQ now covers the needs of the changing demand in the work power, while moving to different markets, with efficient onboarding strategy and convenient resource pools, proving to be a reliable partner.

About ReadSoft / Expert Systems

ReadSoft provides and supports software that automates the processing of documents, such as invoices, in different business processes and ERP environments within organizations. Businesses using ReadSoft software achieve faster and less expensive document processing and better control over business-critical information. ReadSoft employs approximately 500 employees across the globe. Its headquarter is located in Helsingborg, Sweden. ReadSoft has subsidiaries in 16 countries and partners in an additional 70.

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Global implementation of system solutions


Baltic Quality and Digital Route have signed a 24-month cooperation agreement regarding global implementation of Digital Routes system. Baltic Quality´s Consultants have carried out assignments in Mexico, Peru, Croatia, USA, Afghanistan, Niger, England, Belgium, Slovenia, Switzerland, Italy, etc. The result is: Digital Route achieve greater efficiency without involving themselves in a demanding and costly recruitment process. The project staffing is simplified and Digital Route meets the customer needs faster. Furthermore an improvement skills matching is achieved betwen the consultants and Digital Routes clients

Business Challenge

In the context of global customer installations, Digital Route required high quality and continuance service in the iimplementations. As part of the value chain and to further consolidate its position in the market, the company needed to find a long-term and a reliable partner who in an effective manner could act globally and maintain a high level of technical expertise. Implementations should not burden Digital Routes customer development organization. The challenge was also for Baltic Qualitys consultants to represent Digital Route with its customers.

Baltic Quality Solution

Baltic Qualitys consultant pool and colleagues from Digital Route yogether stand for the technical competence in the implementations. The mission’s focus is on the format and on business logic with conversions between different protocols and systems. These systems have both real-time and file-based communication. Baltic Qualitys consultants are mainly working in mediation Zone ®, a convergent Mediation product developed in Java and define and manage different data formats that exist in the customer source system with a programming language developed by Digital Route. Data formats change and in some cases are stored between and converted into the desired format for the customer’s host system. All programming is specified, performed, documented and tested by Baltic Qualitys consultant pool. The consultants have extensive experiences in aggregation, error handling and data storage in different environments. Product training is carried out by Digital Route, and then immediately Baltic Qualitys qualified consultants are directly involved in implementations worldwide

Achieved benefits

Digital Route achieve greater efficiency without involving themselves in a demanding and costly recruitment process. Project staffing is simplified and Digital Route meets the customer needs faster. Furthermore an improvement in the skills matching between the consultants and the clients is achieved. Additional added value of cooperation is a greater control and flexibility as well as greater cost effectiveness.

About Digitalroute

DigitalRoute® delivers a new approach to managing data. Their platform, MediationZone, empowers organizations to liberate the value hidden in their usage information via a unique approach that supports multiple mission-critical aspects of their business. DigitalRoute customers benefit from fewer integration points, reduced costs and flexible data management. Over 250 leading companies from around the globe are today actively using DigitalRoute technology to help meet their data management needs. DigitalRoute is headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden with regional offices in Gothenburg, Atlanta, and Kuala Lumpur. DigitalRoute is a venture-backed, privately held company.

Digital Route om Baltic Quality

“Delivery-wise the consultants from Baltic Quality have excellent technical expertise. We use Baltic Quality to upscale our own operations. They function as our extended arm and assist us as consultants in our on-site consulting assignments. I choose Baltic Quality every day when I have needs I cannot satisfy with in-house capacity. We have a good, flexible and tight operating dialogue. The resources we use are flexible.”
Sofia Säfvestad, Manager Services EMEA at Digital Route

ReadSoft Expert Systems om Baltic Quality

“BQ has been very accommodating. Compared with employing your own personnel and all the work that it entails, this is an extremely attractive solution. In our view, scalability runs more smoothly if someone else takes care of it and supplies the know-how. And having this turnkey competence in Bridge Management is invaluable.””
Joakim Billing, ReadSoft Expert Systems

PayEx om Baltic Quality

“Time differences, shorter travel distances and a similar culture made it more attractive for us to choose the Baltic region. For us this has been a fantastic way to reduce our costs and build up an operation where we can increase the capacity with the same budget as before”
Lars Marlow Krosby, former CIO of PayEx

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