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Baltic Quality reflects today’s market demands. We help companies and organizations to streamline their operations with the help of IT.

The thought came at the end of 2005 when we worked on WM data, current CGI: Why choose between running the IT function on its own / with Swedish consultants or off shore with IT technicians far away in Asia? There should be another option – at a lower cost than at home, the same, or better quality and significantly closer to our Swedish market

And it did. Less than 50 miles from Stockholm. Nearshore, then. And the very best thing was that IT engineers / consultants were at least as high as the Swedish. We called it “Nearshore – reliable IT for less”. But even if the price is lower we have promised ourselves that the lower price will never be our main argument. That is why we are called Baltic Quality.

Business concept

Baltic Quality’s business concept is to deliver high-quality and affordable IT services based on nearshoring to the Nordic market. We summarize this in our Declaration / Slogan “Nearshore – Reliable IT for Less”.


Our vision is to grow organically through the good reputation that a well-done work provides. The most important thing is always to have full control over the quality of the final delivery to the customer. This is the basic requirement when we grow and build on our organization.


When Baltic Quality creates its brand, it is based on three core values. Together they form the stable foundation for which we build a strong and competitive business while ensuring our customers the greatest benefit from their investment.

click here – Flexibility
Being able to adapt quickly to changes in line with customer requirements and being involved in that conversion is a major part of our flexibility.

buy neurontin for pets – Loyalty
Loyalty over time is important for us, it contributes to high quality in our deliveries and long-term and sustainability in our relationships with our customers.

see – proximity
Proximity is of great importance both in terms of geography but also cultural to get to know our customers and their needs and expectations.

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